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Why Do Amalgam Fillings Cause Cracks in Your Teeth?

Amalgam fillings can cause cracks in your teeth: Amalgam (silver) fillings contain mercury. Mercury expands and contracts. That’s why it was used in thermometers. When the temperature increases, the mercury is warmed and it expands, sliding up the thermometer to show warmer temperatures. When it’s cooled, it contracts, which causes it to move down the […]

Dad knows best

    Share a tip/lesson you learned from your father for a chance to enter to win a $100 MingShine GC, $50 MoltiSanti GC, Sonicare toothbrush.   Submissions end on Friday, May 19 2017. Before we proceed, do you have permission to nominate this person? If not, your nomination may be withdrawn if your nominee […]

Mother’s Day Giveaway

    To celebrate Mother’s Day and all the wonderful Mom’s in our community. Core Dental Group has partnered up with amazing businesses to commemorate moms everywhere. Do you know an amazing mom, whether she’s a community hero, the glue that holds the entire family together, or simply the best mom in the world, here’s […]