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Water: Why Is It Good For Your Teeth?

Is your glass half empty or half full? Whichever perspective you choose to look at things, drinking water is always good for your body and overall health. Did you know that the 60% of the human body is composed of water? Staying hydrated is very important keep bodily systems in place and nutrients well distributed in the different parts of the body. Water also helps the body get rid of the waste while giving your skin the healthy glow.

And yet very few people know that drinking water is good for the teeth too, especially when the water you drink every day is fluoridated. In particular, why id water good for your teeth? Here are the top reasons why:

Water helps strengthen the teeth.

Fluoridated water may seem like a regular part of your routine, but drinking it makes a huge difference in the health of your teeth. People who drink fluoridated water puts another blanket of natural protection on their teeth to keep the cavities out. Not all areas in Canada serve fluoridated water, make sure that your provider does. You could only imagine your teeth with that extra layer of protection to last you a lifetime.

Water helps keep the mouth clean.

It can be very tempting to wash down your food with a cup of soda or juice or maybe even coffee, but they leave behind traces of sugar that may be harmful to your teeth. The cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth love to sugar and in the process, they produce acid that harms the natural coating of the teeth. Water, however, cleans the mouth washing away leftover food and other residues. A sip of water can do your oral health a lot of good.

Water helps you by fighting dry mouth syndrome.

Saliva is an important component of the mouth. Not only does it help keep the mouth moisturized, but it helps fight tooth decay too. Saliva helps keep the teeth strong by washing them with phosphate, calcium, and fluoride. When your saliva runs low, the risk for dry mouth gets higher putting your teeth at risk for decay. This is when drinking water becomes very helpful. Hydrating yourself with water helps reduce the risk for dry mouth; thus, reducing the risk of developing tooth decay as well.

Drinking water is good for your body. If you want to keep cavities from forming on or around your teeth, drinking water is the simplest way you can do it. So the next time you feel thirsty, drinking water is better than drinking any other drink.


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