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Swallowing Problem: What Foods Should You Avoid Eating

Does it hurt when you swallow? People occasionally suffer from swallowing problems and there are more than a handful of reasons that could be causing the discomfort. However, if the problem with swallowing continues to persist, it is important to see a dentist right away. The treatment for swallowing problems may vary depending on what could be causing it.

To keep you from choking or from aspirating food, it is important that you avoid these foods immediately.

  • Alcoholic beverages are bad for you, especially when it already hurts when you swallow. Although some may think that the alcohol from the beverage may help kill the bacteria that may be causing the discomfort, it is actually is the other way around. The acid from alcoholic beverages hastens the growth of bacteria causing it to hurt even more.

  • Spicy foods are a big No-No when you have swallowing problems. It could cause the throat to swell. When it does, you will have to see a throat specialist immediately for treatment. When you avoid eating spicy foods, you can help your throat heal and the pain from swallowing to go away.

  • Dry crumbly foods are also bad for those who have swallowing problems. They may further contribute to the drying of the throat causing it to get easily scratched by these crumbly foods. When you have swallowing problems, stop yourself from eating that slice of cake, eating a banana or indulging in peanut butter.

The treatment for problems with swallowing depends on what caused it; thus, it is highly important to consult a dentist first to find out what could be causing it. The dentist will then give you recommendations as to the doctor that you need to see immediately.

However, a swallowing problem should not hinder you from feeding your body with its much-needed nutrients. These are the types of foods that you can eat. They are divided into four categories allowing you to have more options than you think you have.

  • Thin liquids like ice cream, gelatin or even broth are good for you because they easily get dissolved in the mouth.

  • Nectar-like foods should that drips off the spoon like a milkshake or cream soup should be good for you. They help sooth the throat.

  • Honey-like foods such as tomato sauce or honey should be a good alternative as well. They help you nourish the body without harming the throat in the process.

  • Spoon-thick liquids like that of a pudding or a custard should be good for your diet too.


Indeed, suffering from a swallowing problem can be quite tough, but it doesn’t mean that you have to give up altogether. Instead, use it as an opportunity for you to discover the many other food options that are good for your body and your oral health as well.

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