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Dental Braces: What Not To Eat

Everyone is very much aware that everything that they eat and drink has an impact on their overall health. In fact, several studies show how one’s diet directly affects the health of their teeth and gums. The relationship between oral health and choice of foods to eat works both ways. If you wish to improve your oral health condition, you need to make changes in your food and beverage choices as well.

Choosing to eat healthily is easy to do, but sticking to it can be quite tough, especially when you are wearing dental braces. Apart from thinking about your dental health, you also have to consider foods that will not get stuck in between the braces on your teeth. Here are some tips on food items you shouldn’t eat when you’re wearing braces.

Dental braces are a delicate orthodontic appliance. Foods that are chewy, sticky or very hard to chew can easily cause the braces to break. The foods you should avoid eating includes:

  • Ice — it can be quite tempting to chew on ice, but remember that doing so is not doing your teeth any good. Not only can it make your teeth sensitive to too much cold, but it could also cause damages that won’t be evident until it’s too late.

  • Nuts — nuts are not only delicious, but they contain nutrients too. However, eating too many nuts might cause problems when you’re wearing braces. They could get in between those braces and cause it to reshape, which won’t be good.

  • Chewy candy or gummy — chewy candies are a big No-No to those wearing braces. Their sticky texture like that of gummy makes it impossible for them not to stick to the braces on the teeth.

  • Hard pretzels — pretzels may be delicious but they are too hard to bite. The purpose of braces is to put pressure on the teeth so that they would move to where they should be. With the pressure you apply to be able to take a bite of that pretzel, it can move your braces and affect the overall desired output.

In general, foods that you need to bite on to eat puts your braces at risk of breaking. But this shouldn’t stop you from eating the food that you like. Instead of biting, you can cut them into small bite sizes to easily eat them. The corn can be taken off the cob and that makes a lot of difference.

Eating healthy is not just a choice you make because you are wearing braces and you don’t want them to break. Choose to eat healthy because that is what your body needs.


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