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Causes of Toothache: Is It Always Tooth Cavity?

Are you one of those people who cannot go to bed without brushing their teeth, flossing and gargling their mouthwash? No matter how hard you try to be conscientious about following the oral health care routine you have put in place, there will always come a time when you feel discomfort in the mouth. The culprit to that discomfort is not always tooth cavities. It may be one of the reasons, but it is not the only one. This information may be surprising, but it is true.

Whenever feel a tinge of pain or discomfort in their dental health, readily they would dismiss it as tooth cavities. Some would even think of the possible options their dentists would talk to them about. Root canal or tooth extraction – whatever the process may be, the goal remains the same. You just want to get rid of the tooth discomfort for good.

But are you aware that the foods that you eat – when they are extremely hot or cold – could cause pain and discomfort too? The sharp pains that you experience whenever you eat something hot or cold do not always mean cavities. They could be a sign of tooth sensitivity. Such condition usually happens when there is thinning of the natural tooth enamel or if you are suffering from the receding gums condition.

While you are waiting for the dentist to diagnose the problem and what could be causing it, the best thing to do is to use soft-bristled toothbrushes to ease the pain of cleaning sensitive teeth. Instead of skipping brushing altogether, it is best to use soft-bristled brushes to help alleviate the symptoms of teeth sensitivity and what could be causing it.

Did you know that toothaches could also be symptoms of a more severe health condition? The sharp stabbing pain that you feel whenever you chew and swallow then it may not be just a simple case of cracked tooth. Throbbing and constant pain could be a symptom of the presence of an abscess in the teeth and gums. An infection as such could easily be taken care of by a dental professional. Never try to find a cure for it on your own, as you might just do more harm than good.

There are more than a handful of reasons why people suffer from a toothache. It isn’t always tooth cavities you are dealing with. Sometimes, it can be caused by the foods that we eat or the lack of dental health care routine.

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