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The Dangers of Amalgam Fillings

The Dangers of Mercury Fillings

Why is there so much controversy over mercury fillings? Mercury is a highly poisonous metal that is extremely dangerous to our bodies. Amalgam fillings, which are silver in color, are made up of about 50% mercury.

Scientific research has shown that mercury fillings continuously release vapors during brushing, chewing and grinding. Mercury vapor is also released when fillings are placed and removed.

Mercury poisoning symptoms are:

  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Mood swings, nervousness, irritability
  • Tremors, weakness, muscle atrophy

Proper removal techniques include:

  • Charcoal rinse
  • Oxygen mask
  • Rubber dam
  • DentAirVac aerosol vacuum
  • Constant water spray. For more information on the effects of mercury on the human body, please visit the World Health Organization



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